Screen Free Sunday 2019


Are you in? I’ll join for as many Screen Free Sundays as I can until 2020.

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Project Starter

Barbara Putman Cramer

Short description:

Let’s build a global screen-free movement by committing to as many Screen Free Sundays as possible. By tacking action and spreading the word we aim to promote well-being for ourselves and others. Screen Free Sunday is every last Sunday of the month.

Sign up opens: 18 Jun 2019

Sign up closes: 01 Jan 2020



Goal / impact

Our vision is a world with a new global holiday: Screen Free Sunday. A truly distraction-free day to activate on every last Sunday of the month. Or any Sunday you like.

Are you in? I’ll join for as many Screen Free Sundays as I can until 2020.

Other comments

Why now?

Smartphones, laptops and tablets are supposed to make us happier and healthier. They certainly make us more efficient, yet their 24/7 presence also affects our work, relationships and health.

It’s time to revisit our relationship to screens and reclaim our personal time and attention. It’ll do us good, promise. And yes, we realise it’s really hard.

How we help you

Once you’ve joined, we’ll send monthly reminders to keep the spirits lifted.

The evidence-based benefits

Research says, less screen time is...

  • Good for mental health:
  • you’ll enjoy deeper sleep and less stress when you keep screen out of the bedroom Good for your creativity
  • Good for creativity:
  • most of the time, we use our phones to escape boredom - but we’re most creative when we’re bored!
  • Good for relationships:
  • people feel more valued in conversations where devices are off limits (and couples enjoy 2 times as much sex when they keep screens outside the bedroom)

Set your own rules

If you have a clear goal in mind, you’re more likely to stick to Screen Free Sundays. What benefits are you looking for? For example, I want to better my sleep / focus / creativity / exercise / relationships. Select the screens you’d like to go without to get to your goal, first. Build up from there. You’ll eventually get used to scheduling your own time again.

Dig deeper

Shout out to the team of creative agency Boomerang Create and the University of Amsterdam students who helped us shape this campaign <3