Vegan Breakfast September


If 100 people commit to having a vegan breakfast for the month September, we will all do it!

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Vegan Breakfast Club

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Have one vegan meal a day and reduce your footprint!

For the planet, for your health, for the animals

Sign up opens: 15 Jun 2019

Sign up closes: 31 Aug 2019



Goal / impact

A vegan diet has huge benefits for our planet, our health and animals. However, going vegan feels one step too far for many. Most people fear cooking vegan for diner. As other meals in the day can contain as much or even more dairy, meat or egg ingredients as diner, starting some vegan practice earlier in the day already creates paramount benefits. And vegan, plant-based alternatives are plentiful - without having to compromise on taste!

A vegan breakfast produces a 42-84 percent lower burden on the environment. Even just replacing dairy milk in your berry-banana oatmeal breakfast with almond milk, will cut carbon emissions by more than half. Choosing a toast with avocado instead of a bacon and egg toast reduces your breakfast carbon footprint from 2kg to 0.25kg. Together we can save between 2,000 and 10,000 kg of carbon being emitted in September, and we haven't even talked about water and land use, air and water pollution and animal suffering.

If 100 people commit to having a vegan breakfast for the month September, we will all do it!

Other comments

The best way to start your vegan journey is with breakfast! If you have tried to go vegan multiple times and found it hard to keep up with, this vegan breakfast challenge is for you! You will discover vegan alternatives that will help you move towards a more plant-based diet also for lunch and diner, if you want to. You will have them in the fridge anyway! Are you in?